23 Apr 2018

New Webinar “Reliable 2-phase Flow Measurement in the Food Industry”

KROHNE presents the webinar "Reliable 2-phase Flow Measurement in the Food Industry" on May 9, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT (7:00 am PDT).

Air or gas entrainments in liquid media present some challenges for processing food or dairy products, for example sporadic air content caused by the unloading of milk or through agitating a product that causes existing volume or mass flow measurement to indicate a false reading. This leads plant operators to (costly) practices to avoid air in their production processes.

Here, KROHNE offers an alternative: the webinar focuses on how to overcome common practices to avoid air by using a Coriolis mass flowmeter that is immune to homogeneously or sporadically introduced air and enables repeatable and accurate mass flow and density measurements. Participants will learn new ways to optimize processes with air or gas containing products using the Entrained Gas Management EGM technology.

More information and free registration for the webinar: https://krohne.link/xfudc 

About the presenter: Ryan Kromhout brings a diverse set of process instrumentation and automation in terms of experience, working in demanding flow applications over hygienic valves through the physical layer for signal transmission and a uniform access to device intelligence. After his engagement with Emerson Process Management, Brooks Instrument, GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH and Turck, Ryan leads the Global Industry Division Food for the KROHNE Group.


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