Express parts delivery

Rapid fulfillment services for electronics spare parts

  • Accelerated shipping procedure for fast replacement, retrofitting and upgrading of electronics

  • Reduced lead times between ordering and installation

  • In-time delivery for a large number of spare parts

At a glance

  • Premium option for prompt delivery of crucial spare parts
  • Tailored shipping methods and collaboration with experienced carriers
  • Delivery of electronics and other items within a defined time frame
  • Subjet to individual terms and conditions as defined in a Service Level Agreement with KROHNE

Your challenge

In process instrumentation, downtime is a costly inconvenience. When critical electronic components fail, replacing, upgrading or retrofitting the electronics of existing instrumentation may be all that is needed to extend its life, future-proof an application and increase plant uptime. The challenge is to obtain replacement parts quickly to minimise disruption to operations. Waiting for spare parts can lead to production delays, reduced efficiency and potentially significant financial losses.

Our service

To help customers get their electronic spare parts as quickly as they need them, KROHNE offers Express Parts Delivery. Customers can expect timely delivery of spare parts by experienced and reliable carriers. KROHNE carefully selects the shipping method required to meet the customer's individual needs at short notice and keep your plant running as best we can.

Please note that the availability of spare parts is not subject to this premium option.
The service is currently only available in certain countries.

Your added value

  • Express option to expedite shipping of KROHNE electronic spare parts
  • Reduction in plant downtime
  • Swift response times

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