Plausibility monitoring in pressure measurement

Extended process data from pressure transmitters allow for advanced diagnostics to improve process safety


Whether a pressure transmitter measures accurately and with long-term stability depends not only on the design, but also on the process stability. Process variables such as temperature or ambient pressure can affect gauge or differential pressure (DP) measurement, especially if these parameters are “out of spec” and left unattended.


OPTIBAR pressure and DP transmitters offer diagnostics for additional process information and plausibility checks of running applications. This includes integrated   line pressure measurement (Pabs) and data logging functions (e.g. on parameter changes) that allow operators to check if an application is being operated properly.

Safety benefits

  • Additional information on process variables  to check plausibility of pressure transmitter performance and process stability

  • Advanced diagnostic features and event logger functionality incl. monitoring of  resets, failures, change of parameters, pressure peak counter, etc.

  • Integrated line pressure measurement (Pabs)

  • Extensive process data to identify irregular events that pose a risk to measurement accuracy and process safety 

  • Monitoring of influencing factors for predictive maintenance

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